Data Played Better


Geomatic is a Nordic data and analytics house specialising in data science and data management solutions. By working in close collaboration, we support you in finding the right data, trends and significant insights; that give you the knowledge to make better decisions and drive your business forward

  • Data lake

    Our high-quality, GDPR-compliant data lake counts more than 800 3rd party variables

  • Business AI

    Our team of data scientists and our ML-driven analytical tools enables high-end business AI

  • Data quality

    Our data management solutions ensure your end-to-end customer data quality

  • Consulting

    Our team of SMEs offer you expert advice on data, analytics, data ethics, and legislation

Making data an asset

We assist organisations both with and without internal data science teams by offering easy access to enhance their data pool with our Nordic data lake of 3rd party data, consulting and building business analytics models. Our services range from standardised customer analysis to ML-driven predictive modelling for segmentation, churn, customer experience optimisation, and better marketing. We also offer solutions within data quality, counselling and leads for unsolicited marketing, and general data consultancy. Our core competencies include an in-depth understanding of register data, data science for business AI, direct marketing, and data legislation. In short; we support the end-to-end processes from data collection to data utilisation for data-driven businesses


Use cases: how we help

Whether your company is large, small, mature, a new start-up, local, or cross border, data should be seen as a key asset that can provide you with the right knowledge to make the right decisions. This requires you to take a strategic approach to collecting, structuring, blending, and analysing data, before you can truly implement data-driven decision process; with our consultative services we support you on this journey to success

Enhanced loyalty

Enhanced risk prediction

Increased market potential universe

Operationalised customer segmentation

Cross-sell – increasing conversation rates

Optimised product pricing

Benchmarking internal models

Fasttrack to a predict project

Micro segmentation

RFM & twinning

Increasing win-back on dormant customers

Industries and touch-points

Regardless of which industry you belong to, the possible benefits of working strategic with data and AI are present in several of your business processes. Below we map out these benefits for each indutry; just click a card to be amazed