Area Analysis

Adjust your store concept, selection of goods, and marketing based on the segments in their catchment areas. We help you identify the segments with our area analysis

Customer segmentation in catchment areas

Your store locations differ and so do the people around them, so naturally your revenue on each item you sell differentiate. By understanding your stores' sales in relation to the segments in its catchment area, you get the foundation for adjusting your store concept, the selection of goods, and your marketing to match your customers' needs

An area analysis provides you with essential insights into a geographical area - fast and easy. The area analysis contains knowledge on people, households, and comapnies in a desired area and compare the data to a comparison area of your choice; the whole country, a region, municipality, postal code or your own data file. You can define your area based on radius, drive-time or manually dra a polygon that covers exactly the area you want to learn more about.


Our area analysis provides you with in-depth insights into the potential in a geographical area when we uncover the segments and their characteristics, enabling you to adjust your store concept accordingly and choose the best new locations when expanding with our area analysis


You get to know your customers'

  • demographic characteristics like family type, age distribution, and finances
  • consumer habits: do they chase offers, prefer well-known brands or favour new products?
  • preferences: do the prefer organic goods, luxury, or discount? 


How the analysis is made

With our area analysis we provide you with insights into the catchment area of your store defined by either a radius or a drive-time of your choice: based on the addresses of your physical stores and a pre-defined catchment area we analyse the characteristics above on alle householdes in that area. The catchment area is defined by either a drive-time (e.g. 10 minutes) or distance (e.g. a radies of 400 metres)



The area analysis output comes in two variants


If you choose a report you get a PowerPoint report that takes you through the characteristics of the segments in your catchments areas


This is a good solution if you only need this analysis once (for one store)


file_downloadShow me an example (in Danish)


With a dashboard solution you get access to Geomatic Dashboard where the results are shown in an interactive dashboard enabling you to monitor development and have the results displayed along other data


This is a good solution if you plan to continuously monitor your catchment areas and/or wish to combine this analysis with other and more data

Know the customers in your catchment areas

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