Optimal data usage enables you to realise your business’s potential. We help you to identify the right data to make your organisation more effective and optimal. We systemise the usage of smart data within your customer database, identifying new connections, new understandings, and new target audiences. We deliver data-driven segmentation to drive your business

Improve Business by Understanding Your Customers and Target Groups

We value that your segmentation answers the fundamental questions for your business. The need may vary from company to company: some find more value in a standardised segmentation model that can be operationalised across platforms like conzoom®, while others are in need of a tailored segmentation model


Regardless if your segmenation model should be based on many or few variables, we offer solutions along with our partners to ensure you are able to execute your campaigns and marketing to your segments - and target the same segments across platforms, whether you choose address-free distribution or leads for DM, TM, and SoMe


conzoom® segments consumers across the Nordics based on hard data, numbers, and statistics

  • Data-based segmentation

    The segments are based on data from national registers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland

  • 36 unique segments in Denmark

    The Danish conzoom® consists of 9 main groups and 36 sub-types

  • Well-tested segmentation model

    conzoom® has existed since 2002 and is currently running on its 5th generation, so it is a well-tested segmentation tool

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Tailored segmentation

Your business is unique and so are your customer segments

  • Tailor segments from your data

    Let us help you identify the relevant customer segments and describe them in they needed for you to make the right business decisions

  • Get 360° insights into your customers

    You make the best decisions with 360° insights into your customers when we combine your customer data with relevant external data

  • Actionable segments

    Your segmentation only creates value if it is implementable across your organisation and in all customer touch-points

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About Segmentation

The word "segmentation" refers to the art of dividing market or customer data into manageabloe segment based on different variables (e.g. demographic, socio-economic, lifestyle, attitudes, etc.). If a segment is to be useful it has to be as unique as possible compared to other segments in relation to the customers' needs; price, product specifics, design, or brand. Which is often linked to your customers' demographic outsets


Through segmentation the customer become a visible part of the organisation. This visibility, and understanding the customer, contributes to several departments and functions able to support the customer journey; from idea to product, to sale, to marketing. It also makes it easy to follow up on KPI's and profitability when a segmentation is operationally rooted

Types of segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Identify the right customes for specific campaigns, tailor your offers, and be relevant in your customer dialogue

Customer Scoring

Identify your customers' new-, cross- and up-sell potentials


Churn Prediction

Churn Prevention

Find out which parameters to adjust to avoid churn

Life-time Value

Customer Journey

Optimise your customer communiation across all touch-points

Optimise the Outcome of Your Customer Segmentation by Integrating It in All Processes

The value of a customer segmentation increases if the same segmentation model is utilised across the organisation. Therefore, we recommend a operationalisable segmentation model, preferably on the basis of existing customer data


Data blending (the combination of your own customer data and external data) will pay off across the organisation, because it enables you to make decisions based on a solid data foundation, stemming not only from your own customer insights but also insights into the target group, the segment, and the customer, in addition to what you normally take into consideration. This provides a competitive advantage because your customers experience a more satisfying customer experience and, thus, are more likely to buy again and/or remain customers


With a data driven segmentation you ensure that your target segments are identifiable across platforms and can be targeted at the right time with fitted messages and products - to make your effort seen, remembered and converting

Segmentation to Drive Your Business Forward

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