Geomatic Audience

Geomatic Audience is a self-service portal for building target groups and to get detailed insights into segments and areas. Easy and always available

Online self-service platform for leads and customer & market segmentation

Geomatic Audience is our online platform enabling you to easily work with data and leads in different ways. Use Geomatic Audience for:

  • creating segmented target groups for direct mail, telemarketing and SoMe campaigns 
  • upload and use stop files with your existing customers, nix lists, etc.
  • upload base files, permission files, etc.
  • sort out people and households on the Robinson list/nix list
  • choose male or female decisions makers - or the decision maker of the household regardless of gender
  • focus on validated and grown-up decision makers in your target grup
  • create geographic and demographic report with detailed insights into your target groups or the relevant geographical area
  • create geographically determined target groups using our maps (region, municipality, postal district, or geometry)


With Geomatic Audience you can also

See data on a map

You can both see the conzoom® distribution and demographic deciles on the maps where we visualise data on a 100x100m grid  for your easy and quick overview of the charateristics of an area

Make market analysis and segmentation

Make your own combination of conzoom®segments, geography and/or the demographic data and get in-depth insights into the segments or areas with our demography and geography reports. You can also see a segments geographical penetration and see your target groups characteristics on a number of different variables

Import and analyse your own customer files

By uploading your customers' addresses (or a selection of them), you can make a customer analysis on your customers' characteristics and how they are distributed geographically. Thereby you are able to make in-depth customer analysis as a valuable foundation for the calculation of potential and customer twins

You can be up and running in 10 minutes

Geomatic Audience is an online platform that requires no additional software installations; when you have created a user, we will give you access and you can start working. All employees in your organisation can get a personal user account and there are not use limits.




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