Master Data Management

We develop solutions to help you increase data quality by structuring, validating, and updating your customer data, and provide you the access to authoritative data sources

Master data management to increase data's value

Master data management is about correct, structured, and updated data in optimised and systemised processes. We offer advice about the planning, the implementation, and the integration, which will ensure an effective set-up, as well as ensure that your solution is anchored and creates value in the entire organisation


Our solutions are developed and optimised for B2C companies for you to obtain and retain the best possible data quality from end-to-end in your processes

Data Quality Report

The report provides here-and-now insights into your data quality

  • Specific insights into your data quality

    You get a solid foundation for understanding your own data quality

  • Formulate measurable KPIs

    You get measurable KPIs to measure the quality progress, in a business case, and when you employ data quality projects in your organisation

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Data wash

Updated and validated master data provide you the best data foundation for all your customer and membership processes, as well as make you GDPR compliant

  • Better data management

    Your internal systems read data across if it is formatted correctly and updated

  • Better GDPR compliance

    You have an obligation to keep your customer data updated

  • Better customer insights

    Updated and validated data improves your customer analyses and segmentation

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Data triggers

Get notifications on important events in your customer database – before it’s too late

  • Be ready when changes appear

    Get notified about address changes, change of phone number, properties listed for sales, etc.

  • Avoid unpleasant surprises

    Get notified on bankruptcy, insolvence and death so you can act in time

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Start managing your data and get all the benefits

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