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Our high-quality leads improve your conversion rate

We pull all the leads for your direct mail, telemarketing and/or SoMe campaigns from the phone book, we quality-assure them and you can choose to segment them on any variable from our data lake. We offer three types of lead setups, all of which have in common that they can be implemented across channels for maximum effect. All three solutions will increase your conversion rate significantly, and you can be ready to go by tomorrow – good for your sales and great for your bottom line

We exclude those with marketing protection, children, and deceased 

The quality-assurance of our leads mean that we ensure none of your leads are marketing protected (Robinson list for private persons and marketing protection notice for companies). Furthermore,  we continuously work toward minimising the risk that our database contains children and young people, deceased, or resigned persons. These are factors that you have a legal responsibility to avoid, so make it easy for yourself by buying leads that already take this into account. You also minimise the risk of complaints and bad publicity

1. Standard leads

With a data based segmentation and a clear focus on the value segments that are relevant for your company, you can target your next campaign to exactly those customer who are interested in your products. With our standard leads, you get quality assured leads that may be segmented on exactly those variables which define your target audience. If you are not sure what characterises your target audience, a Geomatic Insights Report offers you the insights on the profile of your current customer universe

2. Advanced leads

Your business is unique and so are your customer segments. With advanced leads, we customise your lead universe that builds a score based on the parameters which are crucial for your business. It may be your most profitable customers’ twins, or it may be a universe completely build around a set of unique parameters you choose based on predictive models


We work with two methods to create advanced leads: a predictive model and an expert model. Both models are built through the variables you choose, after which we calculate a score

Advanced leads with a predictive model

With a predictive model, we ensure that your lead universe is not limited, but rather optimised, so irrelevant leads are filtered out


A predictive model is possible to build if you have a known target-parameter, which is to be scored upon, or if you have the necessary knowledge to identify which of your leads convert and which that do not from earlier campaigns. It may be that some of the segments must be excluded, while others must be cultivated. In our predictive model, we include all our data, preferably in combination with yours when it makes sense, in a calculation of which leads are most likely to have an interest in your product

Advanced leads with an expert model

With an expert model, we expand your universe without filling it with irrelevant leads


An expert model is also a predictive model, and it is built when we have no known target-parameter, but rather an idea of which variables may help explain a certain behaviour and thereby build a ‘best guess’. An unknown parameter may be due to the fact the it does not exist in national registers or is simply of too low quality to base a score on. But there are other variables which can qualify a segmentation on age, for example first name analysis

Only five weeks from model to implementation

Typically, it takes five weeks to build a model from the time you have selected the relevant variables to your new universe is ready for launch in either our self-service solution Geomatic Audience or in the implementation of the deliveries we or your agency deliver to you


To ensure that the model is up to date, we recommend quarterly updates based on a champion/challenger approach, so that your scores are always relevant. This can be done by monitoring and continuously developing all parts of your supply chain so you can optimise contact rate, booking rate, and in the end also the profit

3. Quality-assurance of affiliate leads

Are you buying affiliate leads? Let us quality-assure them. A quality-assurance simply consists of a validation of name, phone number, and sometimes also address of the leads you have bought, so that you are sure they are correct and belong to a person who is characterised as ‘active’ in CPR. We can also score your affiliate leads based on a segmentation model or enrich them with our variables, for example conzoom®; ensuring you only spend resources on the part of your leads who perceive your message to be relevant 

Benefit from our expert knowledge

We have sold leads for marketing for years, and we understand the importance of delivering the right type of high-quality leads when our customers need it. We also help you stay compliant, guide you on the right campaign and segmentation setup for your business as well as answering your campaign recipients' questions

How to access

Self-service extracts via Geomatic Audience

Both standard and advanced leads can be extracted via our self-service platform Geomatic Audience, where you can create the lead selection yourself, upload stop or permission files, and pull leads with just a few clicks


Self-service enrichment via Geomatic Analytics Gallery

Via our Geomatic Analytics Gallery you can enrich your leads with data on decision-maker flag, CPR-status, Robinson person, Robinson addres, primary and secondary phone numbers, gender, and phone type

Day-to-day delivery via FTPs or SFTP server

Of course we can do it all for you and we can deliver your leads on a day-to-day basis, respecting your stop or permission files - ready to import into your systems. We always deliver through secure FTPs or SFTP servers

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