Geomatic Online 

In collaboration with AudienceProject, we connect digital target audience building and segmentation with offline customer and register data that may be difficult to identify exclusively based on online behaviour

Digital audiences with offline data

With Geomatic Online we can digitally identify the commercially requested variables that perform strong offline, with high validity. That enables you to target your communication to the same audiences online and offline making Geomatic Online a valuable tool for your omnichannel marketing

Access to offline variables that are difficult to identify only

All our data is connected to a physical address, and we can, based on that address, tell a lot about the individual private household in Denmark, as long as we know the address. In cooperation with the digital bureau AudienceProject, we have found a method that, with high likelihood, can identify the address of a lead based on online behaviour


When we have identified the address, we are able to identify the conzoom®type and group, property type, the property’s estimated value, and whether someone is running a business from the address (CVR registered on the home address). All this is extracted from public data sources and through our own models, and it is these data which form the foundation for the audiences we offer with AudienceProject in Geomatic Online


The Geomatic data catalogue counts 800 variables in Denmark alone, all of which can be connected to a physical address. With Geomatic Online we have identified the most frequently demanded variables that are strong in an offline context and made them available online. Common for all these are that they are difficult to identify online with a satisfying validity based exclusively on online behaviour


These variables are available in Geomatic Online


Summerhouse owner

House owner

Apartment building

CVR registered on the home address

Property price above 3 million (High)

Property price between 1.5 – 3 million (Medium)

Property price below 1.5 million (Low)


A Affluent homeowners

B Comfy and cosiness

C Country life

D The silver lining

E Urban diversity

F Upscale city

G Seniors

I Provincial life


A1 Successful living

A2 Prospering families

A3 Distinguished elders


A5 Family Jensen

B3 Empty nesters

C4 Pair of Hearts

D1 The Gold Coast

D3 Golden generation

E3 Heart warmers

E5 Family ties

I4 Enjoying life

Your tailored segments can of course also be added to Geomatic Online

We offer Geomatic Online in proud collaboration with AudienceProject

Access online audiences segmentered with offline data

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