Target the right people at the right time on the right channel with the right message; our marketing solutions make it easy

Data-driven marketing across platforms

We help you with your data-driven marketing on both direct mail, telemarketing, and digital advertising in general or on social media 

Geomatic Online

In collaboration with AudienceProject we enable you to target your digital advertising on the variables characterising your target group offline

  • Segment your digital advertising using offline data

    We identifify the commercially most sought-for variable performing strongly offline that we are able to recreate online with a high validity: housing type, property value, home ownership, conzoom® or your bespoke segments

  • Target the same segment online and offline

    Target your communication for the same segments digitally and offline; Geomatic Online is a valuable tool for your omnichannel marketing

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Leads for direct mail, telemarketing & SoMe campaigns

We offer three types of lead set-ups, all characterised by high-quality leads that you can use across your marketing channels

  • Our expertise is your advantage

    We help you stay compliant, guide you to the right setup and help you answers your recipients' questions

  • Improve your conversion rate

    We segment your leads based on quantitative data that increases the potential in each lead you get in touch with

  • Partnership with The Data Company

    Buy your leads directly from The Data Company, who sell our high-quality leads; segmented from your criteria, billed with a fixed monthly rate and possible to channel directly to their call-center

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