Geomatic Insights Report

It is crucial to be relevant and to target your communication and marketing to and with your customers. For the same reason, an in-depth knowledge about your customers is key and that is exactly what a Geomatic Insights Report provides you with

Increase your relevance through better customer insights

A Geomatic Insights Report gives you insights into your customers’ or members’ geo-, demo-, or sociographic characteristics based on their addresses. With this knowledge, you will become able to better adjust your communication and deliver a relevant and personalised customer experience

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A Geomatic Insights Report paints the full portrait

A Geomatic Insights Report can be created on either your entire customer base or on smaller segments of your customers: newsletter subscribers, churns, late payers, core customers, etc. With a Geomatic Insights Report, we provide you with a complete view of the profiles inside your customer base enabling you to adjust and adapt your communication and marketing activities to precisely those of interest


The report includes the following variables:

  • Geographic customer distribution (municipality, region, habitation zone)
  • Customer distribution on conzoom®groups and types
  • Life phase
  • Ownership status
  • Household type
  • Financial development in the customers’ neighbourhood
  • Property prices
  • Property size
  • Property type
  • Form of heating
  • Other types of ownership
  • Family type
  • Civil status
  • Number of children
  • Age
  • Education
  • Social group
  • Income
  • Wealth
  • Employment
  • Company ownership
  • Car availability
  • Preferred car brands
  • Leisure activities
  • Attitudes
  • Consumer profile
  • Interests
  • Consumption of social media, tv, radio, and internet
  • Attitude towards direct mail and competitions
  • ‘No Thanks to Direct Mail’ and Robinson
  • Grocery products
  • Political affiliation

Choose who to compare the analysis against

In the report, it is possible to change and adapt the foundation of comparison, according to your specific needs. As a standard we compare your customers to the average Danish population. However, it is possible to adjust according to your needs. In case all your customers for example reside on Zealand, we substitute the foundation of comparison from Denmark to only include Zealand – this ensures that geographical factors are always considered. If the analysis is conducted on your churners, however, it makes most sense to use the collective customer base to compare against, when you want to identify which characteristics are particularly present among that specific group


The way the analysis is conducted

The analysis takes its point of departure in your customers’ physical addresses. That is, the insights which are presented are based on the data variables that can be connected to the address. Do you for example know how many children your customers have, how old they are, or what their income is? Then it is possible to include these variables in the analysis, which would improve the quality of the analysis as long as your data is of equally high quality


In the creation of the analysis, we make use of our own data models, conzoom®, as well as Statistics Denmark, Kantar Gallup, BBR, CVR, the Danish Geodata Agency, the Danish Election Database, and the Robinson list

You get

The output is a 38 pages editable PowerPoint presentation presenting the characteristics of the segments in your customer file


The procedure

When you order a Geomatic Insights Report, we agree upon a data processing agreement and thereafter conduct the analysis based on your customers’ addresses, either all your customers or segements you have chosen


For those of our customers who use the report frequently, we provide the opportunity to access our self-service portal Geomatic Analytics Gallery, where you can upload your own data and create a report with just a few clicks

Increase your relevance with an enhanced customer understanding

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