Geomatic Reports: Insights - fast. 

Our standard reports are designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to make data-driven decisions. To some that is enough; for others, it is the perfect pre-analysis to larger segmentation projects

Our standard reports provide you with insights on your customers and data

Our standard reports have been - and are continuously - developed and improved in cooperation with our customers to provide you with exactly the knowledge you need. You will just have to upload a customer file and then we will calculate the desired analysis. The output is an editable  PowerPoint which lay out the results in an easy-to-understand presentation enabling you to make the right decisions based on data


If you are a frequent user of the Area Analysis, the Geomatic Insights Report or our Customer Value Analysis (RFM), we even offer you to access to our self-service platform on Geomatic Analytics Gallery

The Area Analysis

The area report provides you with insights on the catchment area for one or more stores within the range of a drive-time of your choice

Learn about

  • the demographic charateristics of your customers

    Family type, age distribution, car availability, economy etc.

  • the consumer habits of your customers

    Do they go for good offers, well-known brands or brand new products?

  • your customers' preferences

    Do they prefer organic, decadence or discount?

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The Customer Value Analysis (RFM)

With our Customer Value Analysis you get the classic RFM analysis supplemented with detailed insights on your customer segments based on their buying behaviour

The analysis provides you with a data-driven fundament to determine

  • your customers' buying patterns

    how often do each value segment shop and what are their basket size

  • the characteristics of the customers within each value group

    What characterise the customers and consumers and people?

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Geomatic Insights Report

The Geomatic Insights Report maps and analyse your customers and your market. It is ideal for market potential and penetration analysis, as a pre-analysis for the calculation of potential and much more

  • Insight into your customers

    We provide you with a complete image of the profiles from your database

  • Choose who to compare to

    Choose between Denmark as a whole, a region, a municipality, or another geographic unit. In case the analysis is conducted on parts of your customer base, we can also compare the segment to your customer base as a whole

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Data Quality Report

The report provides here-and-now insights into your data quality and lets you know where in your processes your data quality challenges lie

  • Specific insights into your data quality

    You get a solid foundation for understanding your own data quality

  • Formulate measurable KPIs

    You get measurable KPIs to measure the quality progress, in a business case, and when you employ data quality projects in your organisation

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Get to know your customers with a standard report

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