Data wash

With a data wash solution from us your customer data is always validated and updated. Then you have the best foundation to reach your business goals and you comply with the GDPR demand for updated data

Improved customer data quality

In Denmark alone, about 900.000 changed their address last year, and more than 40.000 had a new phone number within the last month. Besides this, some get married, others pass away, and some choose to become protected from advertising by signing up for the Robinson list. How many of these are in your customer base?


Our tailored data wash solutions make sure your customer data is always validated and updated. We offer data wash solutions in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden

Last year's changes in the Danes' master data 

Sources: CPR, Statistics Denmark, and Geomatic

Get the best customer data quality with our data wash

A permanent setup makes it easy to regularly update your customer data, so that you are always up-to-date with changes in your customer database. We offer you customised solutions that are adjusted to your own IT systems and the frequency you need


In Denmark, our data wash is done against the CPR register to ensure the highest quality possible. You get information about a customer’s or member’s status in CPR (active, deceased, abroad, disappeared), information about new names, new addresses, as well as an update on the persons who are protected from advertising through the Robinson list


Our data wash ensures you:

  • The best possible data quality on name, address, status, and advertising protection
  • Handling of double names (Hans and Grethe Jensen)
  • Relevant metadata (duplicate markers, match codes, etc.)
  • Reports on the data quality in your customer data

We tailor your data management solution to your specific needs

We offer customised washing solutions across the Nordic countries that help you solve the challenges of customer data quality, so whether your business operates in Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finland - or all of them - we will help you keep your customer data updated and validated. Regardless if your need is a permanent, automated setup or an ad hoc setup, we can help you. Regardless of the volume, data is exchanged securely through FTPS servers or APIs and we need to make a data processing agreement ahead of the first data wash

A permanent setup makes it easy

With a fully automated data wash setup you get ongoing updates and maintenance of your customer database. Thereby, you will always have the updated master data on your customers, enabling you to make solid data-driven decisions. We offer tailored solutions to match your systems and the data wash frequence you need


A permanent, automated setup

  • Data wash in adjusted intervals according to your needs
  • Complete dump or just the changes
  • Status report that describes the changes, for example how many new customers are in subscription, match levels, persons on the Robinson list, etc.
  • Output adjusted to your demands with simple status and error codes
  • Customer data can be enriched, e.g. with conzoom®
  • Customer database can be delivered in its own format

A flexible ad hoc setup for data wash 

If you do not need a permanent data wash setup an ad hoc might be the right solution for your business; order them when you need them. Both our ad hoc and automated setups are built on the same underlying platform, so you are ensured the highest quality possible and an easy conversion from ad hoc data washes to an automated data wash if that is in your pipeline


Ad hoc data wash

  • Output adjusted to your wishes with simple status and error codes
  • Customer data can be enriched, e.g. with conzoom®
  • Customer database can be delivered in its own format
  • Seamless transition when upgrading to a permanent setup

Other types of data wash

Besides a regular data wash, we also offer these types of data wash in Denmark

  • tele wash - updating the phone numbers of your customers
  • robinson wash - marking if your customers or leads are protected from unsolicited marketing on the Robinson list
  • B2B wash - washing your data againt the company data register
  • Quality-assurance of affliate leads - ensuring they actually exist and validating data

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Why you should choose us


  • Vast amount of knowledge and competencies within data washes and integration
  • Flexibility in solutions and processes
  • In-house development

Quality and support

  • Advanced matching algorithms
  • Automated tests during development
  • Dedicated QA team
  • Automated error reports
  • In-house support

Security and stability

  • Countless washing solutions in service
  • Servers located in Denmark with 24/7 surveillance
  • Secure access through HTTPS, FTP
  • High uptime on our applications and services

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