Data triggers

Get notifications on important events in your customer database – before it’s too late

Daily updates on your customers

Customers who move, go bankrupt, or die will most likely not give a heads-up beforehand. But perhaps this presents a commercial opportunity – or a commercial risk? Stay up-to-date on these changes before or right after they have happened, so that you can stay proactive and professional in your customer relations; we call it data triggers. Data triggers will update you on a continuous basis (for example each night) and provide you with an overview of the number of changes that have happened in your customer base since last time. Stay notified and able to act

Apply data triggers on both private and business customers

Data triggers are set up with the purpose of providing you with exactly the information crucial for your specific business:

  • Address change
  • New phone number
  • Death
  • Bankruptcy
  • Insolvency
  • House listed for sale


We make it easy for you by delivering the changes you need in a way that is easily implemented into your own CRM system or other IT systems, so that you can create an overview and act quickly to changes and implement initiatives that ensure the correct processing of each trigger. It may be communication to new and old owners, or in case you have a claim against a bankrupted estate


The creation of data triggers

You choose yourself which data triggers you want to monitor, as it is individual what characterises business opportunities and risks according to running your specific business while serving the customers the best way possible


When the desired knowledge has been defined, we prepare the monitoring of relevant registers. As a data distributor of all relevant public registers, we receive daily changes in the registers and are therefore able to prepare overviews of these changes regarding your customers or members, with a frequency of your choice


The continuous monitoring of your customers may be an add-on to your running maintenance of customer or membership data, but it can also be a separate solution


Data is delivered in the file format that suits you, for example a flat file such as Excel, so you can easily upload it to your CRM system

Get daily notifications on your customers

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