Data management

Our data management solutions include services for data wash, data validation, data structuring, data triggers and our data quality analysis helping you map the biggest potential for data quality improvements in your customer database

Data quality, data wash, and data validation

We develop data management solutions for Nordic B2C companies helping them to obtain and retain the best possible data quality from end-to-end in their processes. We advice on the planning, the implementation, and the integration, which will ensure an effective set-up, as well as ensure that your solution is anchored and creates value in the entire organisation

About data management

Data management the collective term for optimised and systematic processes aimed at keeping master data correct, structured and updated


Data quality analysis

If you do not know where your data quality challenges start in your customer database or you want help identifying the best way to solve them, our data quality analysis is the perfect place to go before initiation new data management processes

  • Understand your data quality

    We show you where the data quality within the master data of your customer database are

  • Set up measurable KPIs

    The data quality analysis enables you to set up measurable KPIs - and how to reach them

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Data wash

Our data wash solutions make sure your customer master data are always validated and updated. We build data wash setups in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden

  • Improved customer insights

    Updated and validated data improves your customer analyses and segmentation - and, thus, help you achieve your business goals

  • Improved data management

    Your internal systems read data across all of them if it is formatted correctly and updated

  • Better GDPR compliance

    You have an obligation to keep your customer data updated

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Data triggers

Get notified on important events in your customer database – before it is too late to act on it

  • Be ready when changes appear

    Get notified about address changes, change of phone number, properties listed for sales, etc.

  • Avoid unpleasant surprises

    Triggers on bankruptcy, insolvence and death enables you to act in time

  • As often as you need it

    We can design your trigger setup to deliver data triggers as often as your business needs it: daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

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