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Note: The data descriptions follow the descriptions in the original national registers and, thus, most are in Danish

We consult on customer segmentation, data science, and register data

Data-driven decisions are important for optimising effect and precision within day-to-day customer relations. We have been advising on data from official registers, statistics and consumer data for more than 17 years and helped a wide range of companies to choose the right data sources and variables to create beneficial analysis. We consult on data, data science, data blending, consumer segmentation, data visualisation, data ethics, along with understanding the legal questions concerning personal data

Data blending: blend your customer data with 3rd party variables

Our data blending engine is part of our business AI platform and it identifies the most significant variables for your specific analysis. We develop both descriptive and predictive models based on your business strategy. By blending your internal customer data with 3rd party variables, you get 360° insights in to your customers. The means better segmentation models, more precise splits and, thus, the best insights to make data-driven decisions


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