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We work with a wide range of statistical data and data from official registers all over the Nordics, summing up to more than 8000 variables

The Geomatic Data Catalogues

Working with data should be a value-adding activity for your business. To offer you the best insights we use only high quality data from national registers, either as 1-to-1 data or statistical variables, and we validate data with official sources and have a team of data specialists to help you understand the nature of each data source


Below we showcase the variables we experience the most demand for in each Nordic Country in our national data catalogues. However, if you do not find what you're looking for, do not hesitate to reach out as we work with or have in-depth knowledge of a number of additional registers as well

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Advise on Customer Segmentation, Data Science, and Register Data

Data-driven decision are important for optimising effect and precision within day-to-day customer relations. We have been advising on data from official registers, statistics and consumer data for more than 16 years and helped a wide range of companies to choose the right data sources and variables to create beneficial analysis

We consult on data, data science, data blending, consumer segmentation, data visualisation, data ethics, along with understanding the legal questions concerning personal data


Data blending gives you a 360° understanding of your customers

Get the best foundation for data-driven decisions with a 360° insight in to your customers. That is what you get when you combine your customer data with relevant external data to achieve comprehensive segmentation models and more precise splits


We guide you to blend the most relevant data and we develop both descriptive and predictive models based on your business strategy


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New Analysis: B2C Companies' Data Collection and Use

154 respondents from Danish and Swedish B2C companies have answered 20 questions on their collection and use of data relating to their customers. Read the results and benchmark your company on questions like the importance of data, data collection and, not least, the use of data in your organisation


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Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is not only the core of our competences; our experience ensures you qualified consulting when making the crucial decision on whether to use a standardised model or go with a unique segmentation including your own data and external data to give you a full understanding of your customers inside and outside your environment


We consult on both choosing the right data, ensuring the right data quality to make meaningful analysis and we are experts within building segmentation models to match your business strategy


conzoom® is the market-leading segmentation tool across the Nordics that provide you with a standardised segmentation, based on statistics, consumer data and data from a range of public register, optimal for marketing optimisation and market analysis

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Tailored Segmentation

Each customer is unique and we analyse yours to provide you with in-depth insights on the potential for your business. We uncover the characteristics of your existing clients, calculate segment size and penetration, and contribute to identify the unique selling points for each of your target segments

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