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We facilitate your AI journey and cut short your processes to become data-driven, enabling you to give your customers fully personalised experiences for the benefit of your organisation. With our Data Analytics Platform, we help you navigate from big data to smart data, so you can take the right, growth-driving decisions for your business

  • Big data

    Data is everywhere, and it is an asset if you have they right strategy to to utilise it

  • Relevant data

    What is the problem you are trying to solve? This determines what data is relevant for you

  • Smart data

    This is when you design your data models & build predictive content to fit the need or goal

  • Actions

    Implementing the models into deployable processes & systems; adding the business benefits

Making data an asset

Whether your company is large, small, mature, a new start-up, local, or cross border, data should be seen as a key asset that can provide you with the right knowledge to make the right decisions. This requires you to take a strategic approach to collecting, structuring, blending, and analysing data, before you can truly implement data-driven decision process; with our consultative services we support you on this journey to success

Enhanced loyalty

Enhanced risk prediction

Increased market potential universe

Operationalised customer segmentation

Cross-sell – increasing conversation rates

Optimised product pricing

Benchmarking internal models

Fasttrack to a predict project

Micro segmentation

RFM & twinning

Increasing win-back on dormant customers

You need a strategy to succeed

Data alone does nothing by itself, so make sure to start your AI journey by determining what role data and analytics should play in your company; what business questions do you need data to answer? 

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Enter our world of data to enhance your data pool

Our data lake counts more than 800 variables; sourced from national registers, statistical bureaux, behavioural & opinion bureaux, along with a suite of predictive models and segmentation models that we have developed. In our data catalogues you get a detailed understanding and overview of our most often requested variables. All data in our data lake come from reliable sources and we structure, validate, and update them continuously; whilst also growing the data components by adding new sources. With flexible access points, all this makes it easy for you to implement data into your data science and business processes; it's just plug & play!

Our data lake is the centralised repository of all our data components, covering

  • Data (Nordic):
    • raw data
    • structured data
    • modelled data
  • Fully documented


By signing up for our data lake, you can access all of our variables 24/7 - and automatically gets access straight away to any new data sources added to the lake. The best part is that we are software agnostic; whatever platform you work in, we deliver data in the format you need. This cuts significant time for your build of a data repository sufficient for your AI and model building needs, as well as all the trouble of structuring, validating, documenting, and updating of 3rd party data. And naturally, you get easy access to our expertise within register data, GDPR compliance, and data science

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Data blending: your internal performance data blended and ranked with 3rd party data

Our data blending engine is the tool that via complex matching and data formatting algorithms, matches and blends your internal customer data to the data components in our data lake in a controlled environment; ready for the model development stage. Not only does this speed up your process to build a sufficient data universe for your AI; it also enriches your internal customer data, giving full insights that ensure your models view your customers as holistic human beings; this is what we call getting the full 360° view on your customers


Making data ready for AI

With our data blending engine's matching and data formatting algorithms, you also get a model data formater tool covering:

  • matching & geo-coding algorithms
  • data formatting and data computation
  • validation checker
  • dimension controls
  • principal components
  • correlation analysis splits


Learn more about what we do in the data formatting process

Your internal data consists of different data sources and components (degrees of data). With our data blending engine we cut short the task to make data ready for AI by:

Detecting and handling different variable types

  1. Shuffle rows
  2. Remove empty variables and variables with more than 20% missing values
  3. Change character/string variables to categorical
  4. Classify variables with 25 unique levels or less as categorical, and as continuous otherwise
  5. Add variable suffixes identifying types
  6. Remove sequential variables (e.g. 1,2,3,4..)
  7. Remove constant variables and variables with near zero variance
  8. Remove duplicated variables
  9. Remove rows with more than 40% missing values

Removing highly correlated variables

Data imputation on missing data

Outlier detection and removal

Data Standardisation

All types of input data formats are supported

By automating the data formating process, you satisfy your data scientists by removing a task that does not add value – allowing them to speed up the time to build and execute new models


Identify the significant variables

Through our predict ML engines, we help you identify the variables that are significant for your business; what parameter sets your customer segments apart from each other? The output of this data blending and ML is the Geomatic Predict Report that gives you an overview of your own data along with our 3rd party data; listing the significant and beneficial variables for your model building process, saving you the time and trouble of a manual process. These most significant variables can then be accessible and enriched on to each and every customer record; allowing you to take these variables into further analysis and modelling steps in-house or via our data science services

Learn what's important for your analysis with the Geomatic Predict Report

Following the data blending process you receive our Geomatic Predict Report, which shows based on your target goal, what variables perform and are the more significant (both from your internal data and from our 3rd party data); and which of our ML engines is best suited to service your type of analysis

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Access points

Self-service analytical portal

Geomatic Analytics Gallery

Automised integration plugin

Geomatic API

Automised workflow

FTPs or SFTP server

Predict: model creation, scoring, and recommendation actions

Predict is an AI tool that blends the different data into predictive models driven by machine learning protocols. It helps you develop better models and speed up the time-to-market of your prediction tool; we have all the structure and framework around the non-direct modelling tasks and we generate the models in the self-service environment. You can call it automated AI if you will. So, even if your internal data is not ready for AI, we can help you build models that will give you a better understanding of your customers and your market - and you have the benefit of our in-built security as our data are already discretionised and structured to comply with GDPR. In short, we help you grow and optimise your data assets 

Optimised data usage

Our Data Analytics Platform helps you optimise data usage and selection within your internal model building process by identifying the predictive nature and auto-selecting the relevant data for further investigation and modelling. By accessing our blending environment, we enable you to benchmark your internal models and optmise them by adding the relevant 3rd party data

Deployable models

Our Data Analytics Platform generates deployable models and outputs that score your base after the desired targeted goals; coupled with the ability to then assign recommendation action-codes. Not only does it enhance your understanding of your existing customers; it also ensures that you can twin your internal models to the market - and easily adjust them over time as needed

3rd party plugins

What's in it for you?

Regardless of which industry you belong to, the possible benefits of working strategic with data and AI are present in several of your business processes. Below we map out these benefits for each indutry, just click a card to be amazed









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