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Data based decisions are important, when your objective is efficiency and precision. You make the best decision with 360º insights into your customers and data science that takes your entire customer journey into account from the initial win to the optimisation of your customer relations. We guide you to the most value-adding data science based on your specific business targets

Insights to drive your business forward

We assist organisations both with and without internal data science teams by offering easy, high-performing access to enhance their data pool with our Nordic data lake of 3rd party data, consulting and building business analytics models. Our services range from standardised customer analysis to machine learning-driven predictive modelling for segmentation, churn, customer experience optimisation, and better marketing. We also offer solutions within data quality, counselling and leads for unsolicited marketing, and general data consultancy. Our core competencies include an in-depth understanding of register data, data science for business AI, direct marketing, and data legislation. In short; we support the end-to-end processes from data collection to data utilisation for data-driven businesses

Nordic data lake

Our Nordic data lake contains more than 800 3rd party variables, all validated, structured, GDPR compliant and ready to be a part of your data science

Data lake


Optimal data usage enables you to realise your business’s potential. We help you to identify the right data to make your organisation more effective and optimal. We deliver data-driven segmentation to drive your business

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Geomatic reports

Our standard reports are designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to make data-driven decisions. To some that is enough; for others, it is the perfect pre-analysis to larger segmentation projects

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Analytical Valuation Model (AVM)

Our AVM is our monthly running evaluation of current property property values for private homes and properties in Denmark

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Data management

We develop solutions to help you increase data quality by structuring, validating, and updating your customer data, and provide you the access to authoritative data sources

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Our REST-based API is your one-stop-shop to a wide range of data about companies, properties, houses, and much more

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"The prioritisation of subjects based on modelling has not only improved our contract rate and average sale pr. customer but also made sure that we have a higher return on acquisition of new customers"

- Jørgen Thau, Tryg

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