Fast and easy access to validated data

A lot of data are publicly available for organisations and private persons, but searching for it and organising all of them in one system is time consuming


That is why we collect the data that can provide you with valuable customer insights and stored them in one place. However, it is up to you to decide which and how many data should be a part of your solution of course


The API collects and publishes data from a number of authoritative data sources. Our REST-based API is your one-stop-shop to a wide range of data about companies, properties, houses, and much more


Regardless of which data you need, you only need one systemic integration to our API and can then utilise it every time a new data source is requested

Find the right data in our data universe

The API publishes different data universes combining related variables. Get an overview below or read the full documentation, where you will also find the list of variables within each data universe



Easy access to data with a single API

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