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We are experts within Master Data Management. We develop solutions to help you increase data quality by structuring, validating, and updating your customer data, and provide you the access to authoritative data sources


Master Data Management

Master Data Management is about correct, structured, and updated data in optimised and systemised processes. We offer advice about the planning, the implementation, and the integration, which will ensure an effective set-up, as well as ensure that your solution is anchored and creates value in the entire organisation

”We are happy about the easy-to-use user interface and the easy access to data, we are experiencing with Retrify. We use it in our customer service and experience that the employees quickly get used to the solution, benefiting our data quality and every day work routines”

- Anne Forsman Jensen, Senior CRM Consultant, Ørsted

Data platform

Authoritative data sources form the foundation for updated, validated, and operationalizable data. With many years of experience in the use of, and guidance in, data sources like CPR, CVR, BBR, ESR, and tele data we help you create the best framework for your data driven business.

The data platform is available through data extraction or online applications and via our API


The API collects and presents data from a range of authoritative data sources. Our REST-based API is thereby your one-stop-shop to a long range of data about companies, properties, houses, and much more

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Benchmark Your Master Data Management

Read our best-practice guide to data handling, and see how other B2C companies handle their member and customer data

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Easy access

All our solutions are developed so that they are easy to access and use. They are based on standards, best practices, and they are documented in detail 

For our online applications, this means that they are intuitive and user-friendly, so it is easy to get started and get the task done, and thereby also easy to on-board new users. For our API, this means that it is easy to integrate into your existing processes, so that the implementation phase stays short and minimises costs

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