Geomatic is now part of Volaris

After 20 years as an owner-managed company, we have now chosen to become part of a global player in software development and data services (DaaS).

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With Canadian Volaris Group Inc. as the new 100% owner, we have, at Geomatic, achieved a solid foundation to build upon and keep doing what we do well. Volaris will increase its investment in even more skilled employees and ensure the development of more exciting data solutions for the benefit of our customers. Volaris is present in more than 250 offices with 120 companies in 35 countries. Geomatic is pleased to say that we are now part of a truly global family.


”It was important to me to find an owner who wanted to lift Geomatic further by increasing the investment in both data and products as well as employees. To sell my company to a new owner who focuses on financially sound, well-run companies, and who invests in the individual employee, and operates with the concept of investing, developing and keeping its companies, truly appeals to me", says Martin Glarvig, founder and director at Geomatic.


Volaris' interest in Geomatic was natural. As a global player, Volaris works with a buy-and-hold principle and long-term investments in sound, well-run companies. It quickly became clear that Geomatic, as a DaaS company with 20 years of history and a healthy business, fit very well into the group's investments in well-run companies with passionate employees and managers.


“Volaris Group is a long-term owner of technology companies worldwide. When we buy a business, we never sell. We are decentralized and the companies we buy retain their brand, their culture, and their vision. We aim to bring knowledge from all our companies into Geomatic in order to develop and grow the company. Our concept is to acquire, strengthen the core, and then grow”, says Claus Andersen, Portfolio Manager, Nordics, Volaris Group.

Geomatic continues as you know us

We are still called Geomatic. We have the same management and the same skilled employees. Our founder Martin Glarvig also continues as CEO, and Nicolai Ritz, who has been a long-term employee and partner in Geomatic, as CTO.

Geomatic will maintain full independence and - through our new owner - get access to a huge global network of experts, from which we will learn and get support for our continued development and growth journey. In the near future you will be able to meet us at our new home at Regnbuepladsen 7 in Copenhagen.


Volaris, in Latin, to want, it’s named and inspired by Polaris, the North Star. A guiding star and one of the most powerful amongst constellations. Volaris originates from Canadian Constellation Software Inc.


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