Checkbiz now offering the Nordic segmentation tool conzoom®

The Swedish data provider Checkbiz add reselling of conzoom® to their portfolio of data to meet market desires to get to know not only the hard facts and data but also the humans in their customer databases. For Geomatic, the new partnership means a solid sales channel in the Swedish market.

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As part of Geomatic’s continuous partner strategy to expand into the Nordic markets, they now team up with the Swedish data house Checkbiz to sell conzoom®.


“We are really excited about this new partnership; with Checkbiz’ strong track record in Sweden combined with their large customer base and reach across a variety of industries, it will help us both to penetrate into new organisations enabling these to benefit from deeper consumer insights via our lead edge products and data services around conzoom®,” says CSO in Geomatic, Ross Whalley.


Our clients want to know their customers as people

Checkbiz delivers a wide range of data and statistics, but they found their customers wanted more; the wanted to know what their customers and their market is like as people:


“conzoom® adds a layer of insight that turns numbers and data into people and citizens. It gives our clients knowledge about the people behind the data, such as lifestyle, opinions, habits and dreams”, Cecilia Påhlsson, CSO in Checkbiz, says.


conzoom® strengthen the customers’ communication

conzoom® is a segmentation tool classifying consumers across the Nordics, developed by Geomatic. The Swedish conzoom® holds 10 conzoom®groups with a total of 34 unique conzoom®types. The segmentation is based on data from national registers, SCB and qualitative data from Kantar Gallup. Processing all these data enables Geomatic to identify and describe each consumer type from a wide range of perspectives from the socio-demographic characteristics to their media consumption and preferred marketing platform, which is why Checkbiz’ customers have welcomed the new possibility:


“conzoom® as an add-on to our own consumer data makes communication with the targeted market easier; conzoom® tells us not only who to communicate with but also a when and a how,” Cecilia Påhlsson explains.


About Checkbiz

Checkbiz is a Swedish data house specialising in business- and consumer data. They provide their clients with data, volumes, statistics, possible markets, and hard facts. They were founded in 2016 and work with clients in many industries, however specializing in the financial sector.

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