Geomatic appoints Jonas Stone-Bjarup as CEO

The data and analytics house Geomatic permanently hire the Interim CEO Jonas Stone-Bjarup, who comes from a position as Director of Geomatic Insights.

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“Geomatic has always been a company that has been characterised by a very strong culture among their employees, where the professional pride and high quality of services have been core values. Jonas’ combination of data expertise and a business-driven mindset is what I see will elevate Geomatic’s growth,” says founder and current Chairman of the Board Martin Glarvig.


The new CEO is recruited in-house

The choice of Jonas Stone-Bjarup comes as no surprise, as he has been holding the position as Interim CEO since November 1, 2018. Jonas Stone-Bjarup has been a part of Geomatic’s management since 2016, where he entered as Commercial Director. Commenting on the new challenges he says:


“Geomatic is a company still with a significant growth potential, which we have a solid foundation to realise. The market knows us well and is happy with our solid and value-creating services, and we will continue to build on that by widening the awareness of our scope of services in our focus industries”.


Machine learning and predictive modelling are the future

Today, Geomatic is particularly well-known for its solutions within segmentation, conzoom®, and data quality. But in recent years, the company has evolved into also delivering strong solutions for predictive modelling within churn and risk calculations.


“We can, with our know-how within machine learning, create solid foundations for decision making, which again can translate into value that improves the bottom line. Naturally, there are a lot of companies interested in this, so I look forward to supporting this growth,” Jonas Stone-Bjarup explains.

Jonas Stone-Bjarup portrait

Jonas Stone-Bjarup


+45 5172 5075


About Jonas Stone-Bjarup

  • Bachelor in Economics from Copenhagen Business School
  • Part of Geomatic since 2014, first as a Business Consultant, in 2016 as Commercial Director, from November 2018 as Interim CEO, and from of May 1 2019 as CEO
  • Previously part of Codan Forsikring and RSA (Codan & Trygg Hansa), where he among others held positions such as Campaign Manager as well as Sales Manager

Privately: 44 years, married, lives in Charlottenlund, and has three children.