New Managing Director in Geomatic

Nordic businesses are now actively surfing the wave of big data, data blending, machine learning, and AI. The data and analytics house Geomatic experiences this through increased demand from companies and organisations seeking to operationalise their data to make better decisions.  To ensure the company’s continued agility in times of rapid growth, they have hired a new Managing Director with years of international experience within management and digital business development.

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On June 1st Geomatic’s Founder Martin Glarvig, has transferred the relay to Jeff Saul as Managing Director. Jeff Saul has a background in the financial sector in which he has worked with scaling businesses in both Denmark and internationally:

“Today, Denmark is one of the most digitalised countries in the world, so naturally the companies and organisations should have world class opportunities to operationalise data in their development of services, business, and products.  A lot of these companies today already engage with Geomatic as their partner in that process and I am looking forward to further increasing this,” says the newly announced director.


More customer focus to tune the growth

Jeff Saul inherits the company’s existing 2020 strategy, but have no doubt he will put his own mark to it by identifying the focus areas that will catapult Geomatic:

”Geomatic have a strong brand as a data and analytics house, with strong specialist competencies, and an integrity that have made them the success they are. It is these traits that we should further develop and combine with an even stronger customer focus“ shares Jeff Saul.


Looking at new actions and adjusted processes will nurture the performance culture that will drive the big growth ambitions, he explains:

”We can never slow down developing our services and employees; in a digital world, things develop so quick our customers are at constant risk to be run over by a train they never saw approaching. Working with us should be a guarantee against that. To be that, we must constantly develop the entrepreneurial culture within Geomatic with a strong monitoring of market needs. But it should also be fun to do; we will celebrate the success when we reach our goals together with our clients and, in general, I’ll strive to make Geomatic Denmark’s most appealing workplace for data scientists and data lovers”.


Handing over a life’s work

Martin Glarvig founded Geomatic 16 years ago and has been the managing director ever since. Though he now transfers the relay, he’ll stay involved as Chairman of the Board as well as maintaining his position as the majority shareholder:

”I am proud to hand over a healthy, growing company with competent and highly motivated employees, a clear strategy, and the potential for further expansion,” he states.


Though staying in touch with Geomatic, he also looks forward to engaging in new projects:

”I am still keen to engage in boards and committees, and to take part in the public debate on data. I believe we have an obligation to operationalise the data in our society for everyone to benefit from, and anything connected to this I will still be actively involved with,” he says.