How to leverage Alteryx to create self-service data driven insights

"What I love most about Alteryx is the ease of use. The ability to be able to blend data in a very quick way but actually visualise the whole process at one go so I know exactly what’s happening when I’m working with the tool”
- Ross Whalley, CSO & Partner, Geomatic


Duration: 48 minutes

Record date: September 12, 2017

Venue: Alteryx Inspire Europe

Webinar: how to leverage Alteryx to create self-service data-driven insights

With so much data available to organisations today; to gain a fuller understanding of their customers and their needs, organisations must better understand the ways of using these data components together


Connecting this with the new GDPR regulation that comes into force in May 2018, it is paramount that organisations find the right ways to utilise the data points that are available to them, and so optimise their customer interactions. Join this session to learn how


At the Alteryx Inspire Europe conference Ross Whalley shared how utilising the full capabilities of the Alteryx platform has advanced our data and insight services, decreasing the time-to-market for our clients across banking, insurance, retail; whilst enabling us to work with both sensitive and none-sensitive data in a fully controlled, dynamic and secure way

About the speaker

Ross Whalley portrait

Ross Whalley


CSO & Partner, Geomatic

Ross Whalley is CSO & Partner in Geomatic. He has 20 years’ experience working within a senior consulting capacity, covering segmentation, data driven decisioning, BI, and over the last few years has been heavily focussing in the roll-out of ‘self-service analytics’ to ease the accessibility to data and thereby making it available to larger audiences. He has been involved in successfully advising and delivering a variety of solutions to many of the major organisations in banking, insurance, telco, & retail across the Nordics and Northern Europe

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Ross Whalley portrait

Ross Whalley

CSO & Partner

+45 2018 8378


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