B2C Companies’ Data Collection and Use

154 respondents from Danish and Swedish B2C companies have answered 20 questions on their collection and use of data relating to their customers. Read the results and benchmark your company on questions like the importance of data, data collection and, not least, the use of data in your organisation

3 Questions We'll Answer


1. How important do B2C companies think data is?

Data is widely talked about, but that does not in itself mean that it is always important. Therefore, we have asked Danish and Swedish B2C companies how important they think the collection and use of customer related data is for e.g. the companies’ growth and evolvement


2. How do the B2C companies evaluate their collection and use of data?

We also asked them to evaluate their own data activities, in relation to data collection, management and use throughout their organisation. Both internally and in relation to their competitors and their markets


3. How can you become (even) better at value-added data science?

The value-added data science is the work you see on your bottom line; it improves conversion rates, retention rates and/or your revenue per customer. As in so many aspects of life, value-added data science demands prioritisation of time, money, and – if you do not have these competencies in-house – a good business partner. We provide you 5 pieces of advice to value-added data science based on the 5 typical fall pits identified in the survey


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Key Results

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