AI: From Buzzword to Bottom Line

In recent years, we have been overflooded with artificial intelligence, and quite regularly we are using the concept as a synonym for machine learning. Even though Al is hot, there is a long way to fall in love with the concept to be able to implement it in the business and measure it on the bottom line. But this is about to change within the Business AI.


In this publication we have collected 11 inspirational examples of customer projects where B2C companies have implemented data, machine learning, and business AI in their processes and have thereby driven their businesses forward. We are not going to bore you with the details; regardless of the conditions in your company, what software you use or what current level of competencies you hold, the same approaches can be deployed. Instead, we have rated each example on their level of implementation complexity. In the final part of the publication, we advise you how to get started in your organisation


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