Tailored Segmentation from In-depth Customer Insights

Each customer is unique and we analyse yours to provide you with in-depth insights on the potential for your business. We uncover the characteristics of your existing clients, calculate segment size and penetration, and contribute to identify the unique selling points for each of your target segments


You make better decisions with a  360° overview of your customers. To achieve that you need to blend your internal customer data with relevant external data and thereby achieve more comprehensive segmentation models and precise splits


For instance, this means you don not only get to know your customers' buying patterns when they are in your store but you also get to know their interests, preferences, and comlimentary consumption. So your get the opportunity to adjust the selection of goods and choice of marketing to exactly the need your customers have


We help you expand your customer knowledge by supplementing your exisiting knowledge with additional insights to increase the value and effect of your customer segmentation

"The prioritisation of subjects based on modelling has not only improved our contract rate and average sale pr. customer but also made sure that we have a higher return on acquisition of new customers"

- Jørgen Thau, Tryg

Optimise the Outcome of Your Customer Segmentation by Integrating It in All Processes

The value of a customer segmentation increases if the same segmentation model is utilised across the organisation. Therefore, we recommend a operationalisable segmentation model, preferably on the basis of existing customer data


Data blending (the combination of your own customer data and external data) will pay off across the organisation, because it enables you to make decisions based on a solid data foundation, stemming not only from your own customer insights but also insights into the target group, the segment, and the customer, in addition to what you normally take into consideration. This provides a competitive advantage because your customers experience a more satisfying customer experience and, thus, are more likely to buy again and/or remain customers


With a data driven segmentation you ensure that your target segments are identifiable across platforms and can be targeted at the right time with fitted messages and products - to make your effort seen, remembered and converting

Read Our Best Practice Guide for Customer Segmentation

We havesurveyed the use of data and segmentation within Nordic B2C companies and made a best practice guide for business driving segmentation projects that you can download for free 

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Segmentation to Drive Your Business Forward

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