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Optimal data usage enables you to realise your business’s potential. We help you to identify the right data to make your organisation more effective and optimal. We systemise the usage of smart data within your customer database, identifying new connections, new understandings, and new target audiences

Insights to Drive Your Business Forward

Data based decisions are important, when your objective is efficiency and precision. We have worked with register data for more than 16 years, and we have helped many organisations choose the right data sources and variables to create useful analyses

Data blending

Get the best foundation for data-driven decision-making with a 360º insight into your customers. Combine your own customer data with relevant external data to get more carefully planned segmentation models with more precise classifications - and better results


We guide you in the process of blending the most relevant variables so you can work with smart data, and we offer both descriptive and predictive analytical models based on your strategic objectives

The Geomatic Data

We work with a wide range of statistical data and data from official registers all over the Nordics, summing up to more than 800 variables

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The Geomatic Plug-in

Enrich your own data with our data set, while still working in your own Alteryx environment

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Geomatic Analytics Gallery

Visit our gallery of analytical apps to get going with analysing your customers quick and easy

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"The prioritisation of subjects based on modelling has not only improved our contract rate and average sale pr. customer but also made sure that we have a higher return on acquisition of new customers"

- Jørgen Thau, Tryg


Meet your most profitable customers' preferences up front with segment tailored sales and marketing initiatives designed from the insights we provide with our analytical models. We offer both generic models to give you a quick overview of your customers and customized algorithms and analyses adjusted to your specific business and the questions you seek to answer

Machine Learning

We use Machine Learning to identify patterns in your data combined with our own data. With these we prepare predictive models for:

  • Churn prediction
  • Cross and upsell potential
  • Differentiated communication

Know Your Customers’ Value

Our RFM analysis gives you in-depth insights into your customer segments based on their purchasing behaviour. You get a data-driven foundation to identify:

  • Your customers' buying patterns
  • Your customers' characteristics divided into value segments

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Area Analysis

Identify the segments in the catchment area of your physical store within a geographical area or drive-time of your choice, so you can adjust your store concepts, range of goods, and marketing initiatives

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Segmentation is not only profitable, it also helps developing your business when the segments are data based and operationalizable. We process your data and provide you with new insights into your customers and market, both descriptively and predictively


Reach your target group on exactly the platform they prefer with the unique selling points for each of your target segments


The conzoom® segmentation provide data-based segments including all households in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Get to know your customers, strengthen your market analyses, and optimise your marketing

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Tailored Segmentation

Each customer is unique and we analyse yours to provide you with in-depth insights on the potential for your business. We uncover the characteristics of your existing clients, calculate segment size and penetration, and contribute to identify the unique selling points for each of your target segments

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