We help utility companies improve their data quality, data management, customer analysis and scoring. Can we help you too?

Create ‘wow’ experiences for your customers with in-depth knowledge about them

Strengthen your position in the market through solid data work, which you can translate into proactive and personalised customer experiences. At the same time, minimise your business-related risks with good data management, data triggers, risk and churn prediction


We can help you with

Data & expertise

We help you with the right knowledge and data access, data science and GDPR compliance

Models for sales & retention

We deliver customer insights, data triggers, and customer and market analysis to support your sales and retention processes

Data quality

Updated and validated master data optimises your business processes and improves your GDPR compliance

Data knowledge & expertise: we help you get the most out of data

We have worked with register data and statistics for many years and have helped organisations inthe utility sector to identify the right strategy, the right data set-up and the relevant variables to maximise the value of their data science. We would also love to help your organisation

Models for sales & retention: Find 'em, get 'em, keep 'em

We offer a range of solutions helping our sales and CRM; from segmented leads for telemarketing or digital campaigns that will increase your conversion rates to customer analyses and data triggers enabling you to stay proactive with your customers and increase retention

Data quality: good data management optimises costs and processes

Your customer data are the core of any analyses, marketing automation activity, efficiency initiatives, automation procedures, or the optimisation of your customer journeys. Therefore, it is important to ask yourself, how good is the data foundation on which you make decisions really? In what system are the master data placed and are updates in these transferred to other data? What about compliance and GDPR in general?


Solid data management is not just about identifying, structuring, validating, and updating your data – it is also about making sure that the large data quality project benefits all stakeholders, as that is the only way to ensure organisation wide buy-in and eventually improve the customer journey through data and insights. This entails both quality assurance and screening of new customers, which are entering the system and their data, your continuous maintenance of existing customers’ data through either ad hoc data washes or an automated setup, to be able to react when something new happens with the customer like for example change of residence, death, or a bankruptcy, as well as the ability to prevent churn and predict potential late payers


Are you in doubt about the quality of your data? Then look at our data quality analysis, which provides a worked through and solid foundation for you to understand your own data quality and the connection between data, data quality, and the opportunity to reach your business objectives


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