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In a highly competitive market with few players, the understanding of your customers is crucial in the pursuit of optimising the customer journey and thereby build and maintain long lasting customer relations. We help you get access to the relevant data, to maintain and update your existing data, and to create customised segment, which allow you to achieve the insight that will help elevate profitability, minimise risk and churn, as well as provide your customer with a better experience


We can help you with


Our data lake consists of 800+ 3rd party variables, e.g. conzoom® and demographic variables - easy to access and start using

Data wash

We wash your data, so you can maximise its value, either through an ad hoc setup or a more permanent setup

Models & analysis

Get in-depth insights into customers and potentials with our many analytical models blending your data with our to create valuable insights

Data lake: discover a world of data

You get the best foundation for decision making with 360° insights into your customers. To get that you need to combine your customer data with relevant external data and thereby get more detailed segmentation models and calculations with more precise classifications


We have grouped the most frequently used selection of our more than 800 variables in our data catalogue according to the challenges they may help solve for your business. All variables can be integrated into your own data work, and in case you are in doubt, we are happy to assist you in the search for the right data. Discover our data universe in the data catalogues from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland and uncover how much knowledge and insights you can add to your own customer data


All our data is easily accessed through eiter our API, our plug-in for Alteryx or in customised data dumps to suit your data set-up

Don't miss out on the commercial potential when your customer move

Get daily notifications on changes in your customers' master data to stay proactive

Data wash

Your customer data are the core of your analyses, marketing automation, increased efficiency initiatives, automation, or the optimisation of the customer experience. How good is your data foundation?


Good data quality requires continuous maintenance of your customer data, and that is exactly what we help with, whether it is through ad hoc data wash or a permanent automated setup: We wash you customer data against the CPR register, to achieve the highest possible data quality. You receive information about a customer’s status in CPR (active, deceased, abroad, disappeared), information about new name, new address, as well as an update on whether the person is marketing protected on the Robinson list

A data wash ensures:

  • The best possible data quality on name, address, status, marketing protection
  • Handling of double names such as Hans and Grethe Jensen
  • Relevant metadata (duplicate marking, match codes, etc.)
  • Reports on the data quality in the customer database

Are you in doubt about how well your organisation is doing regarding data quality? Try out our data quality analysis which offers a thorough and solid foundation for  understanding the data quality of your data as well as the connection between data, data quality, and the opportunity to reach your targets


Models & analytics: data blending and customer insights

We can help you build models and analysis for customer insights, calculation of potentials, or other flows and algorithms to give you the insights you need. With Geomatic Predict, we build a customised model for you that calculates churn, risk, segmentation, etc. by utilising data blending and machine learning. It gives you the best possible analysis, which can be translated into action codes and incorporated into your flows with the purpose of optimising your business development, communication with customers across touch points, minimise business related risks, and improve ROI in your marketing


We offer both our standardised customer analysis that gives you simple and quick insights into the demographics of a geographical area as well as tailored models via our Data Analytics Platform; collecting our data lake, advanced data blending tools, and predictive modelling powered by machine learning and design to fasttrack your time-to-market for your predictive modelling

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