You already know your customers buying patterns within your store. We add the knowledge you need to decide on pricing, target segments, store locations, and strategy

Who buys what?

Do you know your catchment area?

Where do your next store open?

Adjust your product offerings and marketing to the customers in the catchment area around your physical stores

The catchment area around each of your stores is unique and the sales of each products offered differ accordingly. By understanding your business’ sales in relation to the customers living in the catchment area, you are able to adjust your store concept, product offerings, and marketing to match the needs of your customers


Our catchment area analysis gives you in-depth insights into the potential in the local area, when we uncover the family types and their characteristics as segments. These insights enable you to customise your stores and choose the best locations, when planning to open more stores and further develop your existing

Understand your best customers, nurture them, and find more

With our customer value analysis we supplement the classic RFM analysis with insights into the value groups as customer segments when we blend your transaction data with several external data to provide you with a 360° portrait of your customers; get the overview of your market penetration and the remaining potential based on your existing customer base and transaction data. This knowledge is supplemented by data on your customers' characteristics within demography, values, and attitudes towards consumption and society to improve the value and effect of your customer segmentation

Get your message across with optimised marketing

Use the same segmentation in your business development and marketing to achieve a higher efficiency: with a data-driven segmentation you ensure that your target segments are identifiable across platforms and are reached at the right time for your message to be remembered  - and convert

Segmented leads for direct mail, telemarketing, and SoMe advertising

We deliver leads from official, quality-assured sources and we segment them from numerous data; tailored to your segments and improving the potential in each lead you reach out to

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Digital advertising for your offline segments

Together with AudienceProject we offer you the opportunity to tailor your digital advertising to segments previously only available offline; segment your target group on property data, conzoom or you bespoke segments

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