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We already help several real estate companies and property developers with data and counselling on analysis & segmentation. Can we help you too?

Data & data expertise to facilitate your data journey

We provide you access to data and statistics, so that you can easily collect, connect, and analyse on the relevant data, either in your own setup or through our platforms. We also offer relevant analyses and modelling algorithms to calculate trends and potentials - or just deliver data for your next campaign, like we did for the Danish real estate company danbolig


We can help you with

Data expertise

We counsel on data, data use, legislation, and data ethics and offer qualified advice for your data journey


Our Nordic data lake with 800+ 3rd party variables add to your existing data and is easily accessed  through our platforms and APIs

Models & analysis

Get in-depth insights into areas and potentials with our many analytical models blending your data with our to create valuable insights

Data knowledge & expertise: we help you get the most out of data

We have worked with register data and statistics for many years and have helped organisations within property development, real estate, and PropTech to identify the right strategy, the right data set-up and the relevant variables to maximise the value of their data science. We would also love to help your organisation

Discover a world of data

To make the best data-driven decisions you need 360° insights into your market and customers. Our Nordic data lake distribute 800 3rd party variables from register data on properties and companies to statistics on demographics, movement data and our segmentations tool, conzoom®. Our data blended with your data is thus the optimal foundation to calculate potential or area insights. And we provide easy access to data via our platforms and access points, either through our API, our plug-in to Alteryx, or as data dumps for integration to your systems and flows


We have grouped the most frequently used selection of our more than 800 variables in our data catalogues according to the challenges they may help solve for your business. All variables can be integrated into your own data work, and in case you are in doubt, we are happy to assist you in the search for the right data


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Case: a soft story told through hard data

With danbolig’s online universe Our Neighbourhood, they have created an award-winning universe where home buyers get an insight into the neighbourhood, they are considering buying a house in. Because a home is more than just a house; it’s also part of a neighbourhood

"The neighborhood has always been important for the buyers, but earlier, their opportunities to evaluate the surroundings have been very sporadic and left to the buyer alone. We changed that with our ‘Our Neighbourhood’, that not only provides a structured overview of the neighbourhood, but also a lot of personal recommendations from homeowners"

- Anne Mette Koch, Commercial Chief, danbolig a/s
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Models & analytics: data blending and area insights

We can help you build models and analysis for area insights, calculation of potentials, or other flows and algorithms to give you the insights you need


We offer both our standardised area analysis that gives you simple and quick insights into the demographics of a geographical area as well as tailored models via our Data Analytics Platform; collecting our data lake, advanced data blending tools, and predictive modelling powered by machine learning and design to fasttrack your time-to-market for your predictive modelling

Got your own data science team?

We work with Alteryx for analysis and Tableau for visualisation of data, and in case you have your own analysis department which works in Alteryx, you can easily get access to our data and models with our Geomatic Plug-in


Of course we can also deliver all the relevant data from our data catalogues for your analysis work as data dumps

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