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Throughout the years, we have helped several real estate companies and property developers by delivering data and counselling on analysis, segmentation, and marketing. Can we help you?

Optimise your data collection and modelling and create better campaigns

We provide you with access to data and statistics, so that you can easily collect, connect, and analyse on the relevant data, either on your own analysis platform, through our plug & play solution conzoom®select, or our analysis app Geomatic Analytics Gallery. We of course also assist you in conducting the relevant analyses and building modelling algorithms that make you able to calculate and identify trends and potential, or just deliver data for your next campaign, like we did for danbolig’s campaign

Discover a world of data

You get the best foundation for decision making with 360° insights into your customers. To achieve that you need to combine your customer data with relevant external data and thereby get more detailed segmentation models and calculations with more precise classifications. We provide access to data, so that you can quickly and easily get the necessary variable from authoritative sources, either through our API, our plug-in to Alteryx (opens a PDF), or as data dumps in a format that is compatible with your systems and business processes


We have grouped the most frequently used selection of our more than 800 variables in our data catalogues according to the challenges they may help solve for your business. All variables can be integrated into your own data work, and in case you are in doubt, we are happy to assist you in the search for the right data. Discover our data universes in the data catalogues from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland and discover how much knowledge and insights you can add to your own data, implement into your calculations, or build into your next data-driven marketing campaigns


New: insights on the Danes’ moving habits

We map the Danes’ moving habits distributed across conzoom®types and ages as well municipality borders, so you can get an insight into the Danes’ moving pattern


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Case: a soft story told with hard data

With danbolig’s Our Neighbourhood, they have managed to create an award-winning universe, where home buyers get an insight into the neighbourhood they are considering buying a house in. Because a home is more than just a house, it’s also the environment surrounding the house

The neighborhood has always been important for the buyers, but earlier, their opportunities to evaluate the surroundings have been very sporadic and left to the buyer alone. We changed that with our ‘Our Neighbourhood’, that not only provides a structured overview of the neighbourhood, but also a lot of personal recommendations from homeowners

- Anne Mette Koch, Commercial Chief, danbolig a/s
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Geomatic Predict: Data science and ML

Geomatic Predict is our common reference for predictive models that, based on our in-house developed machine learning engine, analyses your customer data in combination with our data and uncovers unknown patterns. With Predict we can create customised segmentation and calculation models with more variables than ever before, blend your customer data with our data catalogues and thereby deliver an even better knowledge foundation for your business

We work with Alteryx for analysis and Tableau for visualisation of data, and in case you have your own analysis department which works in Alteryx, you can easily get access to our data and models with our Geomatic Plug-in


We can of course also deliver all the relevant data from our data catalogues for your analysis work as data dumps

Area analysis

Our area analysis gives you in-depth insights into the potential of your local area, as we uncover the catchment area’s family types and their characteristics as segments. Then you can calculate the potential and customer base for commercial and property development


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