We already help several NGOs, freeing up resources for the valuable charity work and with improving fundraises, so they can help even more. Can we help you?

Create stronger relations with your contributors through effective segmentation

Create larger support among a larger group of people and for a longer period by knowing you target audience better and optimise your data quality, so that you can communicate the right message on the most effective channels

Quality assured leads for TM, SoMe campaigns, and SMS fundraising

Your SoMe, telemarketing and SMS fundraising campaigns are improved and elevated when you utilise segmented and quality assured leads. With our advanced leads setup, we can segment more precise than with our regular segmented leads, as we in collaboration with you customise a scoring model that optimises the lead universe and ensures you solid results – and notably also prevents you from targeting any children or Robinson marked leads


In case you are a frequent user of leads, it is possible to get access to our self-service platform conzoom®select, where you can easily and quickly pull leads yourself as well as visualise the data on a map


And in case you are making use of affiliate leads, we help you quality assure them, so that you avoid waste as well as contacting children, deceased or companies


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Data wash

Your contributor and membership data are the core of your analyses, marketing automation, increased efficiency, automation, or the optimisation of the membership experience. How good is your data foundation?


Good data quality requires continuous maintenance of your membership and contributpr data, and that is exactly what we help with, whether it is through ad hoc data wash or a permanent automated setup: We wash you donor and membership data against the CPR register, to achieve the highest possible data quality. You receive information about a contributor’s or a member’s status in CPR (active, deceased, abroad, disappeared), information about new name, new address, as well as an update on whether the person is marketing protected on the Robinson list


A data wash ensures:

  • The best possible data quality on name, address, status, marketing protection
  • Handling of double names such as Hans and Grethe Jensen
  • Relevant metadata (duplicate marking, match codes, etc.)
  • Reports on the data quality in the membership database


Are you in doubt about how well your organisation is doing about data quality? Try out our data quality report which offers a worked through and solid foundation for you to understand the data quality of your data as well as the connection between data, data quality, and the opportunity to reach your targets


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Case: Increased donor engagement with optimised segmentation

The Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation have succeeded in driving up engagement and retention on their donors by implementing an optimised segmentation model blending their internal data with relevant external variables

"A great example is when we wanted to publish a story about new research into cardio-vascular disease a short while ago. We used our segmentation and the conzoom® descriptions to plan where to publish our story and how to tell it, and we saw substantially higher read and click rates than previous"
- Sofie Redzematovic, Business Developer, The Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation
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Geomatic Predict: segmentation and scoring with machine learning

Geomatic Predict is our common reference for predictive models that, based on our in-house developed machine learning engine, analyses your membership data in combination with our data and uncovers unknown patterns. With Predict, you will not only achieve insights into how you are doing with regards to churn, you will also understand what characterises a typical member or a member’s behaviour, when they are churning so that flows can be created and utilised to prevent members from churning. With Geomatic Predict we can therefore create advanced segments and scores with more variables than ever before, as well as blend you membership data with our data catalogue and thereby deliver an even better foundation for decision making in your business

We work with Alteryx and Tableau, and in case your analysis department works in Alteryx, you can easily get access to our data and models with our Geomatic Plug-in

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