We already help some of the largest insurance companies finding relevant leads and understanding their customers through data, customer analysis, and customer scoring. Can we help you?

Quality leads and expert knowledge on data and data science

Let us contribute to your data-driven analysis and marketing projects to increase your conversion rate, lower churn, and strengthen customer relations through improved customer experiences and care that has the customer at its centre. We help you get more insights into your customers with quality assured and segmented leads as well as utilising customised models that makes use of machine learning and predictive modelling to create relevant and operationalisable insights. To add to that, you can access our plug and play solutions in Geomatic Audience and Geomatic Analytics Gallery, and we will advise you on best practices within data management and analysis to maximise your bottom line


We can help you with


Our leads increase your conversion rate and can be used across multiple platforms


Access our more than 800 3rd party variables, all structered, GDPR compliant and ready to plug & play

Data expertise

We offer our unique expertise within register data, statistics, and data science to support your data science team

Leads for direct mail, telemarketing & SoMe campaigns

We deliver three types of optimised lead setups, all of which have in common that they have been quality-assured by us and can be implemented across channels for maximum effect. All three solutions will increase your conversion rate significantly, and you can be good to go already tomorrow – good for your sales and good for your bottom line


Advanced leads: bespoke segmentation to increase the conversion rate

Our advanced leads setup is perfect for a competitive market where conversion rates and profitability in the conversed leads are key; with advanced leads we create a customised lead universe, where we create a score based on your chosen parameters. It may be your most profitable customers’ twins, or it may be a universe completely build around a set of unique parameters you choose based on predictive models

Geomatic Audience: quick and easy quality assured leads

In case you are a frequent user of leads, it is possible to get access to our self-service platform Geomatic Audience, where you can easily and quickly pull leads yourself. All leads in our solution have been quality assured; we filter out Robinson/Nixlist marked leads and further work to ensure that there are no children or deceased people among the leads. And we can add you advanced leads scoring to Geomatic Audience

Case: sales went up 5% with data-driven segmentation

Tryg work with two models: one model looks at the household’s insurance potential and profitability, while the other model looks into when it’s best to contact customers. The models are based on Tryg’s own knowledge and data about their customers as well as conzoom® and statistics provided by us

"The prioritisation of prospects based on the models have not only helped improve the contact rate and average sale pr. customer but also secured a higher profitability on new customers"

- Jørgen Thau, Tryg
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Plug & play Nordic data lake

Our Nordic data lake consists of more than 800 3rd party variables from public registers, national statistics agencies and our own data models. We offer data ranging from property data to demography to company data - and our own Analytical Valuation Model, conzoom®, etc. Access data through data dumps, our API or enrich your customer data


All our data is structured, GDPR compliant and ready to plug & play for your data science. Easly accessible through our platforms and data access points

Got your own data science team?

We work in Alteryx and Tableau, and if you do too, our data and models are easily accessed through our Geomatic Plug-in


Or we can deliver all the data in our data lake in the form of data dumps that are easily adapted to your formats and flows

Consultancy on data, data use, and legislation

We have worked with register data and statistics for many years where we have helped  companies within the insurance industry in choosing the right data sources and variables to create useful analyses, to build the models to answer the most critical questions. We offer and consult on data science and customer segmentation, and we can help you determine your data strategy, analyse your DELTA score and assist you in building and implementing data models


We also consult on data ethics and answer legal concerns about the use of data, both through our online publications and guides, our events, as well as 1:1 for your specific company

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