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We already help some of the largest insurance companies finding relevant leads and understanding their customers through data, customer analysis, and customer scoring. Can we help you?

Quality leads and expert knowledge of data and data science

Let us contribute to your data-driven analysis and marketing projects to increase your conversion rate, lower churn, and strengthen customer relations through improved customer experiences and care that has the customer at its centre. We help you get more insights into your customers with quality assured and segmented leads as well as utilising customised models that makes use of machine learning and predictive modelling to create relevant and operationalisable insights. To add to that, you can access our plug and play solutions in Geomatic Audience and Geomatic Analytics Gallery, and we will advise you on best practices within data management and analysis to maximise your bottom line

Leads for DM, TM & SoMe

Ideally, a lead should turn into actual business. Direct marketing can create solid results and high sales rates, however, if done in the wrong way it can also turn out as an expensive and inefficient approach measured on the return on investment. We deliver three types of optimised lead setups, all of which have in common that they have been quality assured by us and can be implemented across channels for maximum effect. All three solutions will increase your conversion rate significantly, and you can be good to go already tomorrow – it’s good for your sales and it’s good for your bottom line


Advanced leads is the perfect setup

As an insurance company, our advanced leads is the perfect setup, as it creates a customised lead universe, where we create a score based on your chosen parameters. It may be your most profitable customers’ twins, or it may be a universe completely build around a set of unique parameters you choose based on predictive models. We work with two methods to create advanced leads: a predictive model and an expert model. Both models are built through the variables you choose, after which we calculate a score

Advanced leads with a predictive model

With a predictive model, we ensure that your lead universe is not limited, but rather optimised so irrelevant leads are filtered out


A predictive model is possible to build if you have a known target-parameter, which is to be scored upon, or if you have the necessary knowledge to identify which of your leads convert and which that do not from earlier campaigns. It may be that some of the segments must be excluded, while others must be cultivated. In our predictive model, we include all our data, preferably in combination with yours when it makes sense, in a calculation of which leads are most likely to have an interest in your product

Advanced leads with an expert model

With an expert model, we expand your universe without filling it with irrelevant leads


An expert model is also a predictive model, and it is built when we have no known target-parameter, but rather an idea of which variables may help explain a certain behaviour and thereby build a ‘best guess’. An unknown parameter may be due to the fact the it does not exist in national registers or is simply of too low quality to base a score on. But there are other variables which can qualify a segmentation on age, for example first name analysis

Geomatic Audience: quick and easy quality assured leads

In case you are a frequent user of leads, it is possible to get access to our self-service platform Geomatic Audience, where you can easily and quickly pull leads yourself. All leads in our solution have been quality assured; we filter out Robinson marked leads and further work to ensure that there are no children or deceased people among the leads. And we can add you advanced leads scoring to Geomatic Audience


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Affiliate leads? We can QA them

Discover a world of data

You get the best foundation for decision making with a 360° insight into your customers. To achieve that you need to combine your customer data with relevant external data and thereby get more detailed segmentation models and calculations with more precise classifications


We have grouped the most frequently used selection of our more than 800 variables in our data catalogues according to the challenges they may help solve for your business. All variables can be integrated into your own data work, and in case you are in doubt, we are happy to assist you in the search for the right data. Discover our data universe in the data catalogues from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland and uncover how much knowledge and insights you can add to your own customer data

Geomatic Predict: tailored customer analysis with machine learning

We emphasise that working with data must create value for your business, and your segmentation has to answer the most critical questions for your business. With Geomatic Predict, we build a customised model for you that calculates churn, risk, segmentation, etc. by utilising data blending and machine learning. It gives you the best possible analysis, which can be translated into action codes and incorporated into your flows with the purpose of optimising your business development, communication with customers across touch points, minimise business related risks, and improve ROI in your marketing

We work with Alteryx and Tableau, and in case you have your own analysis department that works in Alteryx, you can easily get access to our data and models with our Geomatic Plug-in


We can of course also deliver all the data in our data catalogues to your analysis work as data dumps in a format compatible with your systems and business processes

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"We improved the average sales among new customers with 5% in 2017 using data"

- Jørgen Thau, Tryg
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