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We already help numerous large financial companies to better understand their customers through data, customer analyses, and scores. Can we help you?

Optimise your customer journey with data-driven business development

Let us contribute to your data-driven business development by delivering the key insights that lay the foundation for an optimised customer journey and which minimise churn and risk. By utilising machine learning and predictive modelling, we provide the most essential insights through relevant data and customised analysis and segmentation models – it’s relevant and operationalisable. You can also get access to our plug & play solutions in Geomatic Analytics Gallery and we advice you on how to optimise your current approach to working with data, so that it creates the largest value for your customers and for your bottom line

Discover a world of data

You get the best foundation for decision-making with 360° insights into your customers. To achieve that you need to combine your customer data with relevant external data and thereby get more detailed segmentation models and calculations with more precise classifications

We have grouped the most frequently used selection of our more than 800 variables in our data catalogues according to the challenges they may help solve for your business. All variables can be integrated into your own data work, and in case you are in doubt, we are happy to assist you in the search for the right data. Discover our data universe in the data catalogues from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland and discover just how much knowledge you can add to your own customer data

Do you know our property valuation model?

Geomatic Predict: Segmentation and scoring with machine learning

We emphasise that working with data must create value for your business, and your segmentation must answer the most critical questions for your business. Geomatic Predict is our common reference for predictive models that, based on our in-house developed machine learning engine, analyses your customer data in combination with our data and uncovers unknown patterns, when we calculate churn, risk, segmentation, etc.


With Predict, you are not only getting insights into your churn rate, you also get insights into why your customers are churning – for example looking at customer characteristics and behaviour when they are about to churn makes it possible to create flows and actions that may reduce churn. With Geomatic Predict, we are therefore able to create advanced segmentation and scores with more variables than ever before, blend your customer data with our data catalogues and thereby provide an even better knowledge foundation for decision-making in your business. It provides you with the most precise analysis, which you can translate into action codes and incorporate into your business’ flows to optimise your business development, communication with your customers across touch points, minimise business related risks, and improve ROI on your marketing

We work in Alteryx and Tableau, and in case you have your own analysis department, which works in Alteryx, you can get easy access to our data and models through our Geomatic Plug-in


We of course also deliver all our data in our data catalogues for your analysis work in the form of data dumps that are adapted to your formats and business processes

Consulting on data, customer segmentation, and data-driven marketing

Data driven decisions are important when you want efficiency and precision. We have 16 years of experience working with register data, and we have helped numerous companies within the financial industry for just as long. We assist you in choosing the right data sources and variables to create useful analysis, to build models, which answer the most critical questions, and to implement visualisation and dashboards, so that you can monitor the implementation and development


We consult on data ethics and answer legal concerns about the use of personal data, both through our online publications and guides, our events, as well as 1:1 for your specific company


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