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Let us help you with your data driven analysis and marketing projects and elevate your deliveries to new heights. We offer both standardised reports and deliveries, which provide your clients with a quick insight into their customers, as well as customised models that utilise machine learning and predictive modelling to create relevant and operationalizable insights. We provide access to our plug & play solutions in Geomatic Audience and Geomatic Analytics Gallery, so you can deliver better and faster service for your clients

Geomatic Reports: Insights - fast. 

Through our standard reports, your clients will experience that they achieve quick and easy insights into their customers and market in general. For some it is enough, but for others the standard report works as a perfect preliminary analysis for larger projects. However, common for all the reports are that they provide your clients with an insight into their customers and markets within minutes. You or your client just have to upload a customer file, and then we calculate the requested analysis within minutes. The output is editable in PowerPoint, which presents the results in a simple and understandable way, so that you can make the right decisions based on a solid data foundation


As a bureau partner, you get access to creating the analyses yourself through our self-service platform Geomatic Analytics Gallery, which enables you to deliver the necessary analysis to you clients within minutes. The prices below are end-user prices. Our normal bureau discount is 20%

Area Analysis

An area analysis provides insights into the catchment area of one or more stores or branches within a certain radius of a chosen real drivetime

The analysis provides insights into

  • The customers’ demographic characteristics

    Family type, age distribution, car availability, finances, etc.

  • The customers’ consumption habits

    Are your customers for example looking discounts, popular brands or new products?

  • The customers’ preferences

    Do your customers prefer ecology, decadence or discount?

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Customer Value Analysis

With our customer value analysis, you get a classic RFM analysis combined with a detailed insight into your client’s customer segments based on their buying behaviour

You get a data-based foundation to clarify

  • The customers’ buying patterns

    How often do your different value segments shop in your store, and how much are they spending?

  • - The customers’ characteristics divided into value segments

    What characterises the customers in your value segments as consumers and citizens in general?

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Geomatic Insights Report

The Geomatic Insights Report maps and analyses your client’s customers as well as market. It is ideal for analyses of market potential and saturation, as the preliminary work for a market potential calculation and much more

  • Insights into your client’s customers

    We analyse the customer base from more than 32 variables, which provide a complete portrait of the profiles you have in your database

  • Choose what to compare to

    Choose between Denmark as a whole, a region, a municipality, or another geographical entity to compare your data against. In case the analysis is done on a sample of your customer base, the comparison can also be made in contrast to your customer base as a whole

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Geomatic Predict: Data science and ML

Geomatic Predict is our common reference for predictive models that, based on our in-house developed machine learning engine, analyses your client’s own data in combination with our data and uncovers unknown patterns. With Predict, your clients will not only achieve insights into how they are doing with regards to churn, they will also understand what characterises a typical customer or a customer’s behaviour, when they are churning so that flows can be created and utilised to prevent customers from churning. With Geomatic Predict we can therefore create advanced segments and scores with more variables than ever before, as well as blend you client’s customer data with our data catalogue and thereby deliver an even better foundation for decision making in their businesses

We work with Alteryx and Tableau, and in case your bureau’s analysis department works in Alteryx, you can easily get access to our data and models with our Geomatic Plug-in

Geomatic Audience: quality assured leads quick and easy

With conzoom®select you get acces to a universe, where it is easy to pull leads quickly for your customers’ DM and TM. All leads in our solution have been quality assured; we filter out Robinson marked leads and further work to ensure that there are no children or deceased people among the leads


With advanced leads we can segment even more precise than with our regular standard segmented leads, as we work together with you and your client to customize a scoring model that optimises the lead universe. The score can then be added to Geomatic Audience, so you can pull leads quick and easy


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