Tryg: "We improved the average sales among new customers with 5% using data"

In Tryg, data is a natural and vital part of the daily work to secure the company’s communication with their customers and to improve sales. Data make it possible to get an in-depth knowledge about their customers segments, and the results show felt on both sales and the bottom line


They work with two models: one model looks at the household’s insurance potential and profitability, while the other model looks into when it’s best to contact customers. The models are based on Tryg’s own knowledge and data about their customers as well as conzoom® and statistics provided by us


Tryg’s work with data impacts several strategic decisions, and the effects are measured continuously. Based on Tryg’s own internal tracking, it’s clear that the interaction between data work, performance management, and a strong cooperation across the organisation has contributed positively to improve new biz with +5% and +20% pr. sales person in 2017 compared to 2016

“The prioritisation of prospects based on the models have not only helped improve the contact rate and average sale pr. customer but also secured a higher profitability on new customers"

- Jørgen Thau, responsible for segmentation and analytical modelling on private customers in Denmark

Tryg part of the data-driven elite

Even though Tryg has already achieved good results through their data work, they are stil focusing to further improving. Data work must continuously be developed and optimised in sales and marketing processes to ensure that the customers experience Tryg's communication as relevant and up-to-date with the hope of continuously increasing hit rates and even higher sales efficiency

“One of the development points we are focusing on, to get more benefits from our data, is to make our systems talk to each other in real time. We expect this to happen in the near future”

- Jørgen Thau, responsible for segmentation and analytical modelling on private areas in Denmark

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