The Salvation Army: Retrify eases finding the relevant data

All NGOs want to keep down administrative costs to have more money for the actual aid work. This also goes for the Danish breach of the Salvation Army, which, with the help of Retrify, has improved efficiency in workflows and increased their data quality


It was the desire to make the task of finding and verifying data about companies and persons that made the Salvation Army invest in Retrify, which finds data about persons, companies, addresses, houses, and properties in one collective search solution


Especially finding correct company addresses, company owners, and references to private persons is now easier than before

“We saw a demo of the solution and could see that it would be easier for us to find validated and updated data about companies and persons. Before we would find different information about for example a company, depending on where we looked, therefore, it’s good that we now only find updated data in an easy and fast way”

- Lars Roskam, Fundraiser, the Salvation Army

Company data are better structured in Retrify

Correct company data is part of the research that goes before applying for private fonds; an important task for the Salvation Army to fund their work

Earlier, the Salvation Army experienced difficulties with for example identifying the correct company owner. In Retrify, this information is found with only a few clicks

Retrify ease the handling of return mail

In addition to company data, the Salvation Army also utilise Retrify when handling returned mails from their 10.000 private donors; it is simple and fast to look up whether a person has changed address or if the returned mail is due to a registration mistake


“We receive these return lists from the postal sevice, but they don’t necessarily tell us where the person has moved to, so now it’s easier to update our data because we just look them up in Retrify,” Lars Roskam explains


The benefit of structured data in one place

The benefits showed quickly as the decision to invest in Retrify was made only two days into the trial period

“The fact that data is structured into one place, so that we can do these look-ups fast and find the correct data, is the biggest benefit”

– Lars Roskam, Fundraiser, the Salvation Army

About the Salvation Army

the Salvation Army is an evangelist church community, which is present in 128 countries. As a natural part of the evangelistic work, the Salvation Army runs wide-ranging social work and manages a range of development projects around the world. Today, they have approximately 10.000 private donors in Denmark and is furthermore financing their activities with the help of public and private funds as well as the profit from 26 recycle stores. In 2016, the Salvation Army helped over 160.000 people with food, camping accommodations, conversations, counselling and other help

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