Direct mail campaign with a 14% response rate

The Royal Theatre sent out letters to 25.000 targeted households. The purpose of the campaign was to kickstart the sales of 25 shows of the highly anticipated ballet Swan Lake , which was playing in the autumn 2010 in the Royal Danish Opera House with a capacity of 1.200 spectators each night


The direct mail campaign was part of a larger marketing campaign that also included 30 seconds advertising spots in 65 S-trains in week 37, viral spots on the internet, outdoor on the theatre’s own buildings as well as reviews in the newspapers. The letter and graphical material were created by the Royal Theatre in collaboration with the theatre’s printing house. PostNord delivered the 25.000 letters

"By sending letters, we were trying to reach a larger audience in order to further kickstart the ticket sales. We attached four postcards and a longer cover letter that was signed by the Artistic Director Nikolaj Hübbe and ended the letter with an invitation to read more on the theatre’s homepage and see, if you were among the 10 winners of two free tickets"

- Berit Hessing, Marketing Coordinator, The Royal Theatre


Despite a relatively long cover letter, more than 3.000 – 14% of the receivers – followed the invitation and entered the  landing page to see a trailer and learn more about the show. This way, their intention to buy tickets for the Swan Lake ballet was increased

Award-winning Campaign

Winner of PostNord’s direct marketing award in the category ‘Low cost’ 2011

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