danbolig: a Soft Story Told With Hard Data

When buying a house, you do not only buy the bricks of that house but also the neighborhood, along with its playmates, day-care institutions, and green areas. It’s that story danbolig seek to communicate on their Vores Nabolag (Our Neighbourhood, red.) platform to create interactions and engagement among the home sellers


Buying a house has always been about finding the right home on the right location. Based on this classic approach, danbolig developed the platform ‘Vores Nabolag’ which, based on publicly available data and user generated content, offer visitors who are looking for a new home a good feeling the neighborhood surrounding the house thayare looking to buy


Geomatic has provided the API which generates the data about:

  • Municipalities
  • The neighborhood’s population groups (based on conzoom®)
  • Typical characteristics of the families in the neighborhood (car ownership, number of people, family type, etc.)
  • Typical characteristics of an area (number of museums, companies, cinemas, etc.)


danbolig’s solution contains 2000 Danish neighborhoods following the parish borders. Data is delivered online through our API. The platform ‘Vores Nabolag’ was developed by Magnetix

“The neighborhood has always been important for the buyers, but earlier, their opportunities to evaluate the surroundings have been very sporadic and left to the buyer alone. We changed that with our ‘Vores Nabolag’, that not only provides a structured overview of the neighborhood, but also a lot of personal recommendations from homeowners”

- Anne Mette Koch, Commercial Director, danbolig

In the digital tool the users are greeted by a map of Denmark that is divided into 2000 neighborhoods following the parish borders. When a user picks a neighborhood, a range of descriptive data is presented about the area with everything from physical characteristics and houses for sale, to facts about the families liveing there

The local brokers and house sellers can supplement the register data with their own stories, which are marked on the map with a heart needle. It is stories about everything from the good running tracks and playgrounds to the yearly neighbourhood barbeque. The local brokers act as editors, who make sure that no information can be related to any specific individuals


“We have an expectation to create a universe that over time will get a unique interaction between the statistical data and the user-generated content, and we believe that this can support both the buying and selling experience”

- Anne Mette Koch, Commercial Director, danbolig

Award Winning Platform

  • Silver at the ECHO Awards 2018 in the category “Best digital Destination”

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