Berlingske: how we increased our sales rate five times

Good campaigns lead to increased sales; however, the challenge is sometimes how to secure profitability among the new customers. That is the conclusion after Berlingske Media’s attempt with a high converting campaign, which unfortunately didn’t manage to retain enough of its new customers


Berlingske Media’s Business Intelligence department supports all of the company's business units with making well-funded decisions. With a shrinking customer base, where it’s typically the same customers who renew their subscriptions, as opposed to new subscribers, the interest to get in touch with new potential customers was large


Therefore, Berlingske Media tested whether conzoom®data could contribute to a higher conversion rate and business case than by calling newsletter subscribers and canvas prospects. And the results with the segmented leads were significant, even though the newsletter subscribers were also easier to convert compared to randomized telephone numbers



“We experienced a sales rate that was five times higher when the procpects were with conzoom® and other data, compared to calling random numbers”

– Jonas Nørgaard, Data Scientist, Berlingske Media

Next step: to further develop the product mix

Despite an impressive conversion rate, Berlingske Media had to realize that the long-term retention of the new customers, who signed up for an introductory subscription, requires a higher adaptation of the product offerings, in order for the business case - with a higher cost to lead-purchase and the revenue from new customers - to become positive. As a matter of fact, the project showed that they did not manage to retain the customers after the introductory subscription, so that they stayed long-term subscribers and became profitable. Therefore, the next step is a review of Berlingske’s subscription offers



“When we have reevaluated and potentially adapted our subscription offerings, we expect a positive business case. Even though it means that we get a longer process than earlier anticipated, we are happy about the new insights, which we have gained through this test”

- Mikkel Kornum, Business Intelligence director, Berlingske

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