• BLOG: 5 Pieces of Advice for Value-Adding Data Science

    The value-adding data science is the work you see on your bottom line; it improves conversion rates, retention rates and/or your revenue per customer. As in so many aspects of life, value-added data science demands prioritisation of time, money, and – if you do not have these competencies in-house – a good business partner. We provide you 5 pieces of advice to value-added data science based on the 5 typical pit falls identified in our recent study of data collection and use among B2C companies

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  • B2C Companies on Data and Segmentation: it's Crucial for Growth and Development but We're Yet to Crack the Code

    In a new analysis of Danish and Swedish B2C companies collection and use of data we disclose how the companies estimate their own data science. The conclusion is that collection and use of data and segmentation is regarded essential to growth and development, but that there is an untapped potential often caused by the missing link between the company goals and day-to-day work

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