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Geomatic is a Nordic data and analytics house specialising in data science and data management solutions. By working in close collaboration, we support you in finding the right data, trends and significant insights; that give you the knowledge to make better decisions and drive your business forward


We help innovate, and through blending internal data with our 3rd party data we help map the full picture; that combined with our predictive modelling, algorithms & AI tools, answers your business’ questions


We consult on the end-to-end process from data collection, validation, structuring and enrichment; to the analysis, modelling, segmentation, and the optimal usage of data within your operations; balanced always against the legislative requirements


With our overall foundation, know-how and IT structure, we are an “enabler” for any type of data driven solutions. Either as part of your business decision making processes or as a full end-to-end solution


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