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We deliver data management and data science that drive your business. We consult on the end-to-end process from data collection, validation, structuring and enrichment; to the analysis, segmentation, and the optimal usage of data within your operations


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New Analysis: B2C Companies' Data Collection and Use

154 respondents from Danish and Swedish B2C companies have answered 20 questions on their collection and use of data relating to their customers. Read the results and benchmark your company on questions like the importance of data, data collection and, not least, the use of data in your organisation


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  Geomatic Insights

Optimal data usage enables you to realise your business’s potential. We help you to identify the right data to make your organisation more effective and optimal. We systemise the usage of smart data within your customer database, identifying new connections, new understandings, and new target audiences


We consult on and deliver analysis projects that provide you with the insights to drive your business forward. With many years of experience within data blending, modelling, and segmentation, we help you create the analytics that provides you with the required knowledge & insights to make the best business decisions and expand your market


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  Geomatic Solutions

Your data is only valuable when it is current and correct; and it is a constant task to maintain. We have the knowhow and the solutions to cost-effectively help you control and maintain your customer data, ensuring it can be operationalised to help strengthen your business


We are experts within Master Data Management. We develop solutions to help you increase data quality by structuring, validating, and updating your customer data, and provide you the access to authoritative data sources


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"The prioritisation of subjects based on modelling has not only improved our contract rate and average sale pr. customer but also made sure that we have a higher return on acquisition of new customers"

- Jørgen Thau, Tryg

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